St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for Kids

Eating fruits and veg in all colors of the rainbow in one meal doesn’t happen everyday unless it’s your lucky day! St. Patrick’s Day is a lucky day for kids to have such a treat and here are a few wonderful ideas I liked.
We’re skipping more complicated color dyed rainbow cakes and green cookies in this post (save them for the parties) and going with natural ingredients and simple meals.

This rainbow fruit cookie cake from I am baker looks stunning.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

The same blog also has this super pretty rainbow french toast recipe perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

This healthy & delicious Leprechaun green juice recipe from La Mesa will go with it nicely.


My idea for the meal time is to make this Irish Cheese Fondue and make an assortment of rainbow color veggies to dip in.

Here’s a list of rainbow ingredients you can combine to create your own rainbow color dish if you want to replace any in the above recipes or to use for the fondue:

Red: strawberry, raspberry, red apple or nectarine with skin on, watermelon, red pepper, tomato
Orange: orange, clementine, melon, carrot, orange pepper
Yellow: pineapple, banana, yellow pepper, sweet corn, boiled egg yolk, cheese
Green: kiwi, green grape (white grape), pea, green pepper, cucumber, broccoli, avocado, spinach, salad leaves
Blue – Indigo: blueberry, blackberry
Violet: Grape, Beetroot, egg plant (aubergine), red onion, purple cabbage

You can also create a simple rainbow chart kids can color in as they eat each food in that color.

We have a fun rainbow game download over at Kids Club Thirteen and a new rainbow party invitation on our site, so check them out for more rainbow indulgence!

Talking about all this food, I can’t wait for the weekend! : )

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