Watermelon Party Ideas

Watermelon Party Ideas

I’m a watermelon junkie at the moment. I’d love a whole party based on watermelon this summer. Pink and green being one of my (new) favorite color combinations, I think I should definitely create a watermelon themed printable project this summer. Here are a few super cute DIY watermelon party items that I love.

Watermelon party ideas on Mr P blog - Watermelon Piñata by Oh Happy Day

Awesome watermelon piñata by Oh Happy Day

Watermelon party ideas on Mr P blog - watermelon buntings by Mini Eco

Super cute watermelon bunting by Mini Eco

Watermelon party ideas on Mr P blog - Watermelon Cupcakes by Bakingdom

Some recipe ideas I want to try are:
Watermelon cupcake by Bakingdom
Watermelon popsicle
Watermelon Lime Sorbet Slices
Watermelon Coconut Drink

Watermelon party ideas on Mr P blog - Watermelon Breeze Watermelon party ideas on Mr P blog - Watermelon Popsicle

Check out these fun watermelon activities for the party including watermelon bowling and a watermelon boat race on Growing a Jeweled Rose blog.

Watermelon seems to be BIG, I see watermelon everything – swimsuits, dresses, umbrellas, socks, underwear … I think I’m going to go cut me a slice right now!

Oh and don’t forget to carve a realistic dragon head out of watermelon of course!

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8 Responses to Watermelon Party Ideas

  1. Hooray for watermelon! I haven’t seen the watermelon swimsuits! That sounds fun!

  2. When my youngest was two months old it came to me that her first birthday was watermelon! That was 2004. I went crazy. She had a watermelon dress & hat! I did a lot but was very ill that year so I had to give up some ideas due to surgery & chemo too close to her day. The people close to me knew how much it meant & helped so much. I handmade watermelon invitations & finding the right shades of paper was an obsession. I would have loved to had the cupcake idea and the mason jar drink idea. We had watermelon punch & some watermelon treats made in the watermelon. I designed her cake in my head…watermelon…but had to hire my baker friend to make it last minute. It was so precious.

    • That sounds amazing – especially what you pulled off while being unwell. How cute your two months old would’ve looked in a watermelon dress & hat! Thanks for sharing your precious memories!

      • Thank you. No, the idea just came to me at 2 months. She wore the dress at her first birthday party.

        • Yes! Sorry I was writing too fast confusing myself – time for coffee! ^ ^