Funny Face Christmas Crackers

Meet the crackers! Our take on Christmas crackers is something especially fun for kids. They are based on simple Christmas cracker templates for an easy DIY at home, but with funny faces! We've included blank templates too that'll be useful for any of your own designs too!

The crackers on the market are normally covered in patterned wrapping paper, but there aren’t many designed with children in mind. We thought it’s time to bring some fun n’ joke factor to crackers that kids will love!

Templates can be printed on card stock or heavy weight colored papers. Children can also decorate and color them when flat to help out, then you can assemble them and hide small treats, tissue paper hats and the world’s worst jokes inside ready for the table! They are pretty straight forward to make, just score & fold all of the lines, glue the end tabs and tie each end with thread or ribbon.

For a snap, or a bang, you can buy a pack of Christmas snaps from party shops or joke shops (or Amazon) and add these to your DIY crackers.

If you’d like to use the stick on eyes on colored paper there are some extras in a separate download file.

Now go grab an end each, pull and snap!
Hope you’re the lucky one!!

Merry Christmas!


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