Typography Crown Mother’s Day Card

For all moms out there! Our first printable mother's day card is this typography tiara card - because all moms deserve a shiny sparkly crown. To make sure it's exclusively for them, this tiara spells MOM. A fun mother's day card is a long overdue project on Mr P, so hope this makes up for it!

We love playing with words (see our Dad typo glasses) and it’s great for kids who are starting in learning their letters.
Whatever mom’s wearing on mother’s day, make sure to complete the attire with a crown made just for her. She deserves it!

This crown can be used as a mother’s day card (because we like unusual cards!) as well as a little fun gift for her. You can fold it neatly and put it in an envelope with your message. You can write your message on the back side of the crown, or add a little tag to the rim.


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