German Alphabet Flash Cards

We hope you enjoy these German alphabet flash cards if you're a German speaking or bilingual/multilingual family and please tell any German friends who might like these! Thank you Emelia Wimmel from Germany who sent us words! Use them for your world culture activities for kids to learn one or two foreign words - it's always fun to know more languages!

The set includes the words:
Apfel, Biene, Clown, Delphin, Elefant, Fahrrad, Geschenk, Hund, Igel, Jacke, Käse, Löwe, Maus, Nuss, Orange, Pferd, Qualle, Raupe, Schaf, Tee, Uhr, Vogel, Wal, Xylophon, Yacht, Zebra

Zebra is always Zebra! ; )


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