BOO! Halloween Typography Glasses

To start off the Halloween season, we've made these simple and fun typography glasses (following the DAD glasses you liked very much). We're sure you have tons of Halloween costume ideas for kids (or not..) but whatever you create, make sure to wear these cool glasses to complete the look! It's the new best way to boo! people.

You could paint the frame with glow in the dark paint if you’ll be wondering around at night. Then you can boo people even when they can’t see you!

No need for special instructions. Just print the template and trace onto your favorite cardboard stock and cut out. Attach the arms to the edge of the Os and ready to wear!

You can also use them as a card or Halloween party invitation. Fold up like glasses and write a message on a tag and hang off an arm, then pop into an envelope.

The quickest (& most stylish?) thing to make and wear to a Halloween party if you haven’t planned an elaborate costume & a sure hit with kids who can’t get enough of BOOing!


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