Moose Headband for Team Santa

by La Maison De Lou Lou

Easy, quick and fun printable headband for Christmas: how to become an Official Member of Team Santa! I am always surprised by the amount of questions from the kids about Santa. He is for sure, an interesting, mysterious and legendary icon!

Where is he living? Can he see or hear us? How does he make the toys? And if I am not sleeping is he going to come? Is he wrapping the toys by himself or are the Elves doing it? These are only a few examples of what I have to answer, every day. It is fun and super cute. After all Christmas is one of the most Magical and Beautiful times of the year. Keeping some secrets, and involving the kids in all the Christmas preparations is a good way for me to answer all their questions!

I decided to come up with a fun printable. An easy, quick and fun Moose headband: “Official Member of Team Santa”. That way any member of the family will feel important and part of Santa’s world.

How to make
moose Christmas headband

What you need

printed moose Christmas headband
glue or tape
hole punch

Have all your supplies ready, including your printed printable, headband and antlers.

Cut out all the elements, make the slit cut on each side of your headband for the antlers and then punch a hole at each end of the headband strip. Pass some twine through each of these holes.

Glue on your ears. Pass your Moose antlers into the headband slits, fold a tiny end part and glue in place.

That’s it! Now you are an OFFICIAL MEMBER OF TEAM SANTA!


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