Borders for Scrapbooking

The terms: printable borders or frames? They are similar and often crossover. We will use them separately so you can search the exact type of files you want. We will use ‘borders’ for designs you can cut to any length and paste. They will be strips of patterns you then cut to make any size borders to any pages and shapes. We will use ‘frames’ for photo frames already designed in certain shapes – like squares, circles …etc. So you can use them as they are.

You can cut this into strips and use for the full page borders for your scrapbook page, or for smaller photo frames in your layout. Or just leave it to the kids and see what they come up with. Because they are just simple strips, the possibilities are plenty.


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Alphabet Scrapbook Borders

You also can cut out the letters individually to make text. If you like this alphabet theme, also check out the alphabet scrapbook paper.

Wallpaper Flower Scrapbook Borders

This is called ‘wallpaper flower borders’ because it reminds us of old style tiny flowered wallpapers.

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