Skull Bites! Halloween Craft

This is a variation of our clothespin craft Monster Bites hangers - great as a Halloween craft or to spice up your wall anytime if you think little skulls are your thing! Or maybe you're into pirate stuff now - perfect !

You can make it the same way as Monster Bites. Additionally we have a printable template of the skull faces you can use if you want to recreate them exactly as in the photos. Of course, it’s more fun to create your own funny skull faces. See below for a simple instruction. Have fun, but BEWARE they’ll bite anything that comes too close!

To match up with a skeleton theme for your party, try our Bag O’ Bones party invitation.

How to make
skull clothespin hangers

What you need

a scrap piece of wood or strong cardboard
handsaw (if you’re using wood) or craft knife
wood glue
pencil and black & white paint

Cut a piece of scrap wood to a square. Place the clothespin in the middle and mark where the nose and teeth will be. Use our template or draw your own funny skull faces and paint in black and white.

Paint the clothespins too. First cover in white and then paint the nose.

Now glue the clothespin in the middle, place it so the end of clothespin becomes a tooth to bite things. That’s it! : ) Have fun!

They are such a cool addition to the wall and very useful for kids to hang and store small items.


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